Dimanche 22 Avril 2018

Disband PF militia group, Nevers Mumba tells PF

Disband PF militia group, Nevers Mumba tells PF
(Lusaka Times 04/06/13)

MMD President Nevers Mumba has demanded that the PF immediately disbands the youth militia that it has reportedly set up to cause violence.
Addressing a news briefing at his residence in Kabulonga, Dr. Mumba condemned the PF youths for invading BIGOCA Church in Matero during Black Friday prayers. He said the act of desecrating the House of God by PF youths is the highest form of disrespect that any government can show to God. Dr. Mumba warned hat the MMD and other like-minded organisations will from tomorrow launch a collective and sustained response to the PF violence.
He said other political parties and citizens will start arming themselves if the PF militia continues to pounce on innocent citizens. “The PF has formed this militia group. We are not safe in our own country. If this continues, we will be forced as opposition to form our own groups to protect us because we can’t just sit and watch as we are being attacked, unless they (PF) come out and denounce this group and disband it,” he said .And Dr. Mumba says the PF has exhibited the highest form of arrogance by sending Ministers countrywide at a huge cost to the tax payer to go and explain subsidies. He said Zambians have refused to hear the PF messages on subsidy removal because it does not make economic sense at all.

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