Samedi 17 Mars 2018

Police arrest anti-corruption activists

Police arrest anti-corruption activists
(Daily Monitor 17/06/13)
Anti-corruption activists

Police have arrested several anti-corruption activists who had camped at the headquarters of the finance ministry in Kampala to denounce the 2013/2014 national budget. The Black Monday Movement activists had gone to the ministry to petition the finance minister over the budget, which they say, is a burden to Ugandans. They carried anti-corruption placards. Others had wheelbarrows loaded with sand to symbolise the tax burden Ugandans are carrying. The activists accuse the government of increasing taxes on various commodities to recover money which was stolen from the office of the Prime Minister and other government departments, without bringing to book the people responsible for theft. According to Mr Leonard Okello, the executive director of the Uhuru Institute, last week’s budget will not benefit Ugandans.

“Tax is a patriotic duty we agree with but increasing taxes should come with a plan to ensure efficiency and a theft-free government,” Mr Okello, one of the petitioners he said.

The activists also demanded the abolition of tax holidays for investors.

Mr James Ruhweza, who headed the police operation, said the activists would be charged with holding an unlawful assembly.

by Stephen Otage

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