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City residents hold KCCA accountable

City residents hold KCCA accountable
(New Vision 10/06/13)

KAMPALA - Residents of Kamwokya, Ntinda, Mulago, Mawanda and Bukoto on the close of this week put Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) officials to task to explain why they have been left out in some of KCCA’s service provision initiatives. In a forum dubbed Baraza initiated by KCCA, residents tabled their grievance to the officials saying that although a lot has been done by KCCA, in their area of Kamwokya, much has been left out. “We still have problems with garbage collection. The trucks which collect garbage are few and they at times fail to reach the slums. This has caused some residents to dump in the drainages,” Sarah Nakiyembe, a resident of Mawanda road complained. Another resident, a youth village mobilizer involved in garbage collection, Nalongo Namitala, complained that some politicians interfere with their work as they try to mobilize residents during clean up exercises.
“We are incited by some politicians who even demand to know how much the Authority pays us,” she sounded her worry.

Residents suggested that KCCA should give them specific days of the week when the garbage trucks would be available for them to prepare the heaps of garbage in advance.

KCCA officials led by Kampala Resident City Commission, Samuel Hashaka, Centre division town clerk Catherine Musingwiire, Central division councilors Daudi Lwanga, Alfred Ntambazi and others were out in the communities to give accountability to residents on the performance of the authority in the last two years.

Other residents also demanded that KCCA gives them a proper market, revealing that the Friday market along the road cannot accommodate them well.

They requested the officials to reclaim the lost KCCA open green spaces which were sold by the then-Kampala City Council.

“We understand our playground was sold. The area around City Oil was also sold, please help us to regain our lost property,” Christopher Semakula said.

Other concerns raised by the resident were the misconduct of the councilors during council meetings, with councilors being blamed for failing them and not have their promises fulfilled yet.

They said that the Authority levies high fees on their small kiosks [shops] yet there are some shops which charge less fees for their businesses.

Having listened to these concerns, the officials promised the residents that they will forge a way forward in order to overcome some of the challenges.

By Juliet Waiswa and Mex Ainomugisha

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