Dimanche 18 Février 2018

Namibia to use renewable energy technology for rural ground water purification

Namibia to use renewable energy technology for rural ground water purification
(Xinhua 19/10/17)
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Namibia is to pilot a project for the treatment of poor quality local groundwater to a level that complies with the national standards for drinking water, using sun and wind energy to power the process.
According to the Adaptation Fund (AF) in an announcement on Wednesday, Namibia clinched the funds worth 4.9 million U.S. dollars for the project which is set to use reverse osmosis and pilot two plants in a rural setting, where the water demand of the communities differs.
The two selected project sites are at Grunau settlement and at Bethanie village, both located in the far south of the country.
The implementing entity in the country will be the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia, while the executing entity will be the country's water utility firm, Namwater.
The AF said the execution of the project will yield a wide range of information and knowledge on both technical and social aspects of establishing and operating such treatment and power plants.
"The acquired information, knowledge and skills will then be communicated to stakeholders in the water supply sector in order that the applied technology could be mainstreamed and replicated elsewhere in the country," the announcement added.
Furthermore the project will result in improved resilience of vulnerable communities and groups to climate change impact, specifically to a decrease in water quality of existing groundwater sources.
The AF, which is a pioneer in climate adaptation financing, gives developing countries full ownership of adaptation projects, from planning through implementation, while ensuring monitoring and transparency at every step.

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